Episode 121 – Design Your Disaster with Patrick Hardy

Whether it’s staying in business during a pandemic, locking down government secrets through a cyberattack, or protecting your family through financial crisis, fire season, earthquake, power outage, or mass shooting, what determines whether an unexpected event becomes a disaster is you. Patrick Hardy’s C3 Method is so clear, practical, and empowering that audiences from Fortune 500s to families are deploying this framework in the face of disruption to become stronger and more resilient.

When disaster and disruption strike there are few voices in the world as knowledgeable as Patrick Hardy. Not only is he a graduate of FEMA’s Advanced Academy, but Patrick has gone on to gain numerous certifications such as FEMA’s Master of Exercise®, Certified Emergency Manager®, Certified Risk Manager®, and Master Business Continuity Professional®.

In this episode, Patrick and Patrick discuss the varied types of disasters that organizations may face and how leaders should prepare for and navigate them.

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The Leadership Window
The Leadership Window
Episode 121 - Design Your Disaster with Patrick Hardy