While TLP coaches leaders and teams across sectors, the strategic planning work we do is geared mostly toward the social sector, where our deep experience lies. Most organizations miss the simplest and most important steps in the strategic planning process. TLP’s perspective on strategy is a unique and fresh approach. Geared toward the social sector, TLP’s Strategic Coaching Continuum takes organizations through the missed steps, toward a more productive future.

There is a reason that nonprofit boards have come to loathe strategic planning. They have been through too many unfulfilling, failing processes. TLP helps leaders avoid the pitfalls of strategic planning and create meaningful, inspiring plans. And .. BONUS … the process is FUN!

TLP President Dr. Patrick Jinks uses his world-class coaching model to elevate the best thinking of boards, staff, and key stakeholders. As a result, you achieve CLARITY, SIMPLICITY, and ALIGNMENT in your work.



The Strategic

Coaching Continuum

The Leader’s Perspective on Strategic Planning is that it is neither the starting point nor the end point in successfully executing an organizational mission. It is part of a coaching continuum that creates clarity, alignment, and order to the work.

The Leader’s Perspective can assist your organization at any step along the coaching continuum where help is most needed, or, we offer a coaching package that includes all 4 steps, over a period of 6-9 months.


Find more information on engaging The Leader’s Perspective for help at any or all of these phases.